International Trade eLearning Suite for SMEs-InTeLS


What is the aim of InTeLS+ (2007-2009)

The main purpose of the InTeLS+ project is to extend the scope and reach of the original International Trade e-learning Suite for SMEs project (InTeLS) and to validate the suitability of the InTeLS approach for other European countries and sectors.

InTeLS, with two e-leaning technology specialists & three SME Intermediary organisations covering four European Union States,  was an e-learning based training project dealing with international trade skills assessment & development. The two-year Leonardo Programme funded project developed a suite of e-learning training materials/tools & a computer based International Trade Business Game. It finished in September 2007.

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How has this aim been achieved

The new InTeLS+ project has extended the InTeLS project by:

  • Improving the scope of, and facilities offered by, the existing InTeLS products
  • Translating and contextualising the InTeLS products for three new partners countries Spain, Slovenia & Lithuania
  • Increasing the amount of training materials content made available and the extent to which this content is translated from English into all other partner languages
  • Extending the reach of the project outputs by increasing the take-up by, and involvement of, a larger number of SME intermediaries across Europe

The InTeLS online training course and the associated InTeLS game have been translated and customised for testing in three new partner countries from very distinct areas of Europe - Slovenia, Spain and Lithuania – in order to determine its wider European relevance.

The expanded set of partners have also more widely promoted the project & its outputs within Europe and explored opportunities for further developing the outputs to be relevant to the new emerging BRIC markets (i.e. Brazil, Russia, India & China.

Has there been any new technical developments

A totally new technical approach to the design of the project website and associated training materials has been developed by Virtech and has been systematically tested by the rest of the partners. The new approach uses the CAKE development platform and aims to make the translation and amendment/contextualisation of materials much more straightforward. The new approach is also meant to ensure that partners can make changes without requiring the technical assistance of Virtech.

PixeLearning have also enhanced their proprietary games development platform in a manner which seems to make the translation, amendment and contextualisation of the InTeLS+ game more straightforward and speedy. The new approach also improves the visual presentation of the game whilst apparently addressing many of the usability issues raised in the InTeLS end-of-project Evaluation Report.

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