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Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce


The Chamber ( is an independent business organisation that provides practical assistance and support, to all companies in the Coventry & Warwickshire Region (United Kingdom) and which represents the views of its member businesses.

Contact Persons:
Ajay Desai

Jane Fleming



PIXELearning ( was established in 2002 specifically to focus on using computer game techniques to deliver effective training and education solutions. Whilst our main focus is upon business and management skills development our technology, skills and experience also enable us to solve many other organisational needs. PIXELearning’s strategy is about developing and leveraging proprietary ‘Serious Games’ engine technology in order to provide a uniquely rapid and cost-effective solution to our clients’ training and education needs. View our client case studies and project history for examples.

Contact Persons:
Kevin Corti, Managing Director

Suraj Rana, Technical Director





The Lithuanian Development Agency(, a non-profit organization under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, was founded in 1997. Now a team of 36 professionals, who are working in three departments, two divisions and four representative offices abroad, the agency is celebrating its 10th anniversary and is expanding its human resources and activities.

The Lithuanian Development Agency provides fast and efficient support for starting a business in Lithuania by:

  • servicing investors through the investment decision process: site/building selection, search for JV partners etc.;
  • providing information on the tax regime, legal issues, general investment climate etc.;
  • assisting in building a reliable business partnership network;
  • organizing site and company visits, incoming and outgoing business missions;
  • planning and implementing international projects.

The Lithuanian Development Agency invites foreign businesses to use the opportunity to expand their activities into the booming Lithuanian market, a gateway to the European Union and the markets in the East.

Contact persons:
Ms. Jelena Suchodumceva, Project Manager
Tel: (+370 5) 264 9072

Ms. Renata Martinkute, Senior Project Manager
Tel.: (+370 5) 264 9069





GZS CPU ( is one of the education and training providers for adults with 17 years tradition and experience in expert seminars, training courses, workshops, short- and long-term courses and other events for the needs of business subjects Slovenia. Orientation towards actual education, training and competencies demands on the labor market enabled us to become one of the largest education and training providers for adults in Slovenia. Important part of the institute’s activities is validation and certification of national vocational qualifications. In year 2007 we organized and performed 470 educational events with aprox 8000 participants.

We provide our services with respect to two mottos: “FROM PRACTICE TO PRACTICE.” and “GOAL OF EDUCATION IS KNOWLEDGE AND ACTION.”

Contact Persons:
Janez Dekleva, Director

Julijana Ćosić, assistant on project,



Virtech Ltd


Virtech Ltd. ( is a Bulgarian R&D software company specialising in the advanced application of information and communication technologies (ICT). Virtech was established in 1996 as a business extension of Sofia University Department of Information Technologies. Virtech integrate their knowledge and experience of international research & development into a wide range of services including consultancy, training and software development.

Contact persons:
Vesselin Spiridonov, CEO and Trade Director

Martin Martinov, Project Manager



Swedish Federation of Business Owners


Swedish Federation of Business Owners ( in Sweden, Foretagarna for short, is a non-governmental organisation for entrepreneurs and business owners. More than 55 000 owners of small and medium sized private enterprises are members of Företagarna. The organisation also encompasses an additional 25 000 small businesses through more than 20 affiliated trade associations. In total Foretagarna has 80 000 members.

Contact Person:
Jan L. Schreil

Pia Durgй





DemoCenter-Sipe ( is an innovation and research centre which supports small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs). It works in the field of industrial automation and advanced technologies - specialising of design and manufacturing processes. Democenter was originally established in 1990 and merged with Sipe in 2006. The organisation is located in Modena in the Reggio Emilia region of Italy. The main mission of Democenter-Sipe is to provide innovative services to manufacturing enterprises. DemoCenter-Cipe has established good collaboration arragements with Universities of its region - in particular the University of Modena & Reggio Emilia and the University of Bologna - in order to enhance its' innovation and research capabilities."

Contact persons:
Luca Azzani

Massimo Garuti





Aliter - International Business School (, is an Spanish education company founded in 1999 and based in Madrid. Aliter has an humanistic philosophy and is specialized on enterprise development, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Women & Leadership, Wine, International Trade and the Economy in this new age of globalization, among others. The main focus are on the one hand on university students without any professional experience and on the other hand on professionals with at least five years of experience pertaining to micro, small and medium scale enterprises, cooperatives, community economic development etc. Aliter counts with around 150 students per year and attracting talented students from over 20 countries, it also counts with a team of 250 highly qualified professors coming from the enterprise world, avoiding the merely academic classes and therefore fomenting the transmission of the knowledge through their real experience.

Contact person:
Marta Galvez-Canero