International Trade eLearning Suite for SMEs-InTeLS


What does the International Trade eLearning Suite offer you?


  • Unlimited and FREE access to expert international trade knowledge
  • No cost and risk-free testing of your international trade ideas
  • It's the fastest way to prepare you and your company for international trading
  • International trade made easy wherever and whenever it suits you
        • Easy to use
        • Available in 7 languages
        • And completely FREE

InTeLS FREE Products

There are 3 simple, but effective, tools in the InTeLs online suite:

The Game

The complexities of international trading made easy. Simply by playing the game, you'll begin to understand the import and export processes. Test your knowledge and gain access to a wealth of training resources.

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The Course

The eLearning course is a structured and modular way to learn about international trade practices and procedures based on the Passport to Export Scheme.

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The Knowledge Base

Everything you need to know about international import and export processes, but were afraid to ask. Find just what you're looking for here in our Knowledge Base.

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